Module 1 Session Plans

Module 1 Session Plan 1

This is your first session with them. This is the SET UP session so that they are on track

Before they attend this session, they/you should have completed the enrolment form and sent it via email to Simply Mentoring. We check the enrolment and forward to AAMC. The trainee will be issued with a login for AAMC and can download the Certificate IV.  They can print or work form a soft copy. That is up to them. If they have not downloaded it, they can do it later in this first session.

Click here to download Module 1, Session Plan 1.


Module 1 Session Plan 2

In this session you are going to be mainly looking at behaviours and what will make them successful. (or not)

It is important that they understand their particular “style”; as this will influence everything that they do with their sales activity and their customer contact. They won’t have their Credit Rep status as yet as they probably won’t have their Cert IV assessed yet. They will still be working on their assessments.

Click here to download Module 1, Session Plan 2.


Module 1 Session Plan 3

In this session you/they are going to be doing their business plan and looking at effective questioning. They will learn about listening and giving feedback. We will look at the checklist once again and the loan checklist for a loan.

Click here to download Module 1, Session Plan 3.

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