2 Year Programme including Certificate IV and the Diploma in Mortgage Broking

SUCCESS IS A CHOICE  This is a programme designed for you. New entrants can expect the structure and ongoing support they need to successfully achieve their goals. You do not receive MFAA and FBAA approval unless your Mentor Programme is one of the most comprehensive, well-rounded ‘how-to’ programmes in the market.

It has ALL the key elements: Industry Compliance, Business Planning, Loan Products, Lending Structures, Marketing Strategies, Business Development and Financial Selling Skills.  This programme combines both “classroom” and with a real life broker learning. For you this means consistent, measurable, high performance results that really matter.

Participants will:
  • Complete the Certificate IV and Diploma in Mortgage Broking
  • Achieve their industry and lender accreditations
  • Write and review their Mortgage Broking Business Plan
  • Market and promote their business
  • Research, compare and explain different Home Loan products
  •  Conduct Home Loan interviews
  • Write Home Loans
  • Cross sell complementary products and services
  • Manage client records
  • Stay in contact and service their client’s ongoing financial needs.
Full support over the 2 years with:
  • Mentor Programme workbooks and manuals
  • Monthly workshop sessions if you are in the face to face programme
  • Specially dedicated Lender Workshops
  • Expert presenter workshops on Business Development Strategies
  • Hundreds of downloadable tools, checklists, and tips
  • Assistance with loan scenarios
  • Assistance preparing for their home loan interviews
  • Assistance preparing loan submissions
  • Validation of their first 12 loan applications prior to submission to the lender
  • Ongoing phone and email access to their dedicated Mentor.
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“Karen’s extensive industry knowledge, experience and sound communication skills have been of tremendous help to me. In our association, there has never been a question that you could not answer.” Carol Martin, Loan Consultant, WA
We strongly recommend that you engage a Accredited Mentor to be your guide for the two years,
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