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MFAA and FBAA Approved and Accredited

Becoming a professional mentor to build your business is very simple.

Our simple process helps you to be trained as a mentor. Then, using our incredibly simple “Success is a Choice” mentoring programme, you can implement the mentoring within your own business. There is no need to send your very carefully selected people offsite to a group session, where they might be head hunted by another group.

The programme is so simple it almost runs itself.

We address the FIVE biggest issues that a new recruit has when looking to join the industry:

  1. Lack of industry knowledge to build a viable income
  2. Cost and timeframe of being able to start in the business
  3. Time and availability of an experienced broker as a mentor
  4. Diversity of content so they learn across all areas of the business
  5. The delivery to suit all learning styles and environments

We address the FIVE key issues that a business owner has when trying to recruit

  1. Lack of knowledge on how to mentor effectively and retain new people
  2. How to implement a structured pathway for the recruit regardless of experience
  3. A timeframe to suit the business needs to get the best results
  4. A one on one work place and well-paced learning environment
  5. Not wanting to go offsite for the mentoring delivery

The Simply Mentoring, “Training the Mentor” programme to become a mentor, is a powerful tool for you to invest in your business. There is a one off investment for this training and then an ongoing cost each time you recruit. The “Success is a Choice” mentoring programme is purchased for each mentee.

Step One:

  • We train you to be a mentor in our dynamic THREE day “Training the Mentor” course
  • Learn how to be a professional mentor
  • Learn how to deliver the content of the “Success is a Choice” mentoring programme,
  • Learn how to grow your business through mentoring and retaining new talent

Step Two:

  • You identify new recruit/s for your business
  • Each recruit enrolls into the Simply Mentoring, “Success is a Choice” course
  • You deliver the content to suit your business time frames


But wait there’s more……………………

No need for your new recruit to have done the Certificate IV or the Diploma, prior to commencing with you. We have included it as part of the programme. So that means no chance of your new recruit taking too long to get up and running…………or once again being stolen.

Your new recruit could pay up to $2800 to do the Certificate IV and the Diploma and there are some programmes that charge up to $25,000 for mentoring. You, as the business owner could pay up to $5000, for a professional, how to be a mentor training course.

We know that we have nailed it beautifully on our pricing, to help you build your business and your recruit build theirs.


Our Pricing:

  • The THREE day dynamic Training the Mentor course $1500 (plus GST)
  • The modulised easy to implement, Success is a Choice programme for each new recruit including the Certificate IV and the Diploma upgrade. $3400 (plus $240 GST)


For further information and Training the Mentor course dates please contact

Karen Hambleton O’Grady

 Mobile 0408 943903


MFAA and FBAA Approved and Accredited

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