Module 5 Session Plans

Module 5 Session Plan 1

This is a meaty session as the next two session are focused on only he case studies and that will be the pattern for
the next modules until they complete module eight.  The 100 names review is important (once again) as they have had that in the last session and they should follow-up again as previously, and once again this dovetails into the 20 per day point checklist where we tell them where to be looking to go for business.

We review business structures in this module as their knowledge is growing so this is a good point to revisit and
review and see who they can call upon to get business. Buying off the plan is next and should create some
discussion points for you.

Click here to download Module 5, Session Plan 1.

Module 5 Session Plan 2

Begin with the bridging finance and move through to the OSR websites as they can have quite a lot of time delving into the relevant areas and ask you more questions.

Click here to download Module 5, Session Plan 2.

Module 5 Session Plan 3

This is a great session to review all the learning from the last two sessions and to have an ask me anything day.
You can invite two or three lenders and ask them anything.

Click here to download Module 5, Session Plan 3.

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