Module 4 Session Plans

Module 4 Session Plan 1

You are now moving into Module Four Ensure that you have completed the module checklist and given them to your mentee to upload to AMMC. These get collated so that at the end of the programme your mentee will receive a
certificate of completion.

This session you will look at specialist lending. We only feature Pepper in this section, however make sure you talk
about the others that are out there to assist. Included is a home loan repayment easy reckoner.

Click here to download Module 4, Session Plan 1.

Module 4 Session Plan 2

This is a nicely paced session where we look at loan guarantees and the mentees have some time to look at their aggregator software and create a matrix of who will do guarantees and what is the policy around each one.
The 100 names review is important as they have had that six weekly task in previously, and now need to review and
see where they have had success and where they need to revisit. They will need to do another to letters/ contacts. We
also ask them to write down what they were going to earn so far and how much they have earned.

Click here to download Module 4, Session Plan 2.

Module 4 Session Plan 3

Last session we looked at loan guarantees. Have a review of their understanding in this session together to ensure that they are on track.  The 100 names review is important (once again) as they have had that in the last session and they should follow-up again as previously, and once again this dovetails into the 20 per day point checklist where we tell them where to be looking to go for business.

Click here to download Module 4, Session Plan 3.

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