Module 3 Session Plans

Module 3 Session Plan 1

You are now moving into Module Three Ensure that you have completed the module checklist and given them to your understand the process. So read through the scenario and the instructions and get the conversation started.

Click here to download Module 3, Session Plan 1.

Module 3 Session Plan 2

This session you will look at Construction and the first homeowners grant. Once again role play is the best way to
learn. So feel free to role play at any time to help reinforce a concept. There is a 30 minute allowance for a lender guest. You don’t have to have one but if you are try t get one in that is very good at construction. The lenders that do it well have a dedicated assessor that the broker can contact and is in touch with the client throughout the whole process.

Click here to download Module 3, Session Plan 2.

Module 3 Session Plan 3

This session you go over the short form business review and 50 ideas for marketing and building the business.  This is a less content filled session so that you can invite speakers and also give the mentee time to catchup on anything they need to. This also means that you can spend time with others on individual needs as required. The other sessions have been quite full so they will enjoy having more time to ask questions about the learning so far.
Review all the templates provided and make sure that they are using them.

Click here to download Module 3, Session Plan 3.

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